Voice Order

Voice Order with Generative AI and more

Voice order is a real trend in the restaurant world, especially in the drive thru lanes.Self service kiosks are beginning to use voice order and soon it will be one of the key accessibility components.

While conversational AI circa May 2023 is a hot topic and a big tool in the “buzz bag” aka “we plan on doing that”, conversational voice AI has finally reached actual deployments. Estimates and projections are fine but real data is what counts.  Meanwhile Google and Microsoft battle for available oxygen in the AI space (aka what’s our stock price today….).  Would be great too if multiple spoken languages auto-accepted.

Recent “big” buzz includes Wendy’s planning on a pilot with Google. Google has been taking quite a hit on its AI efforts compared to Microsoft so its not surprising that they would ramp up their “sure, we’re going to do that” news. Might have a ways to go to catch to the empirical data Valyant has been collecting for a couple of years. Better late than never…


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Conversational AI Voice For Shopping Advice and Sprouts

New product released by Verneek — From retailsystems.org

Good conversation with Verneek, based in NYC. Their conversational AI has been deployed in supermarkets for 70+ days and getting feedback.  Very impressive since dynamically generated answers are on the table and not picking from a stock stable.

The shopper scans a barcode and then conducts voice conversation with AI.

  • No downloading of yet another app  (eliminates app-fatigue)
  • no typing, purely voice (but not exclusively). Women with long fingernails will like this…
  • Multiple conditional factors don’t scare the AI
  • No creepy avatar
  • Mobile is required but stationary shopping stations (with print) are an option (ie kiosks)
  • On tap is the ability to preset negative factors (e.g. never show me high sugar or high fructose for example)
  • Can suggest “related deals” or better deals much like Amazon does.
  • All in all, super-impressed with this first generation
  • Available and shipping.  Not the usual pre-release invest in me trial balloon.
  • One side benefit to this is the enhancement provided to InstaCart-related picks.  An employee must physically go out into the store and check stock and potential subs on a typical 5 item picklist. That eats up a ton of CPU cycles so to speak.

Note too that we have an additional demo video which is private but available on request.  One of the best demos we have seen in our 30+ years we should add. [email protected] and identify yourself.